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  • How can I sign up for Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited?

You can download our Account Opening Form from our website Our forms are also available at Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited Office

  • Can my account be refused to be opened?

Yes, Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited reserves the right to refuse any account without assigning any reason.

  • What is the minimum amount required for opening an account?

Minimum amount required to setup an account is Rs.50,000.

  • How long does it take to activate/open an account?

It depends on how quickly information is sent in. The registration process usually takes:
4 - 6 working days for cheque
OBC (Outbound Cheque) may take up to 15 working days
Depositing cash will take 3 - 4 working days after receiving the original bank deposit slip. Kindly mention "New account" on the bank deposit slip specially designed for Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited customers.

  • How can I deposit initial amount in Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited account?

You may send your cheque / Pay order/DD in favor of "Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited" by mail or drop it personally at office of Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited. Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited Head Office address is as following;
Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited
Room # 901-903, 9th Floor, New PSX Building,
Stock Exchange Road,
Karachi 74000

  • Can I open an account with shares/securities?

Yes you can open your account with Physical shares and you can also transfer your shares from CDC Investor account or from your account with any other broker as well. The minimum amount of Rs.5000/- through cash or cheque is also required for opening of account through shares.

  • Do you offer mutual funds?

No. We do not offer mutual funds.

  • How can I close my Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited account?

You will need to write a letter addressed to Trade Smart Securities (Private) Limited requesting the closure of your account. If you have any debit balance you will be required to clear it first. Along with the Account Closing Request, as a mandatory requirement you need to provide Tax Clearance Certificate from Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Government of Pakistan. The Account Closing Request must have to be submitted at our head office or can be sent through Fax or courier.

  • I can't login. Error message shows "Connection failed", what should I do?

Connection to our server may fail because either our server is down due to some technical reasons or for general/periodic maintenance or because you are behind a firewall. Change your firewall settings to allow the software to access the Internet. Similarly, if you are using a Local Area Network (LAN) connection, you may need to open certain ports (TCP/IP). If you still cannot connect, feel free to call us at (9221) 324 7194 9 - (9221) 324 2500 1.

  • How can I place my orders, in case of failure to access my online account?

You can call to your respective equity trader/relationship manager or in case of his absence you may call to our customer support representative at (9221) 324 7194 9 - (9221) 324 2500 1.

  • What are the risks involved in Electronic/Online Trading?

Electronic/Online Trading contain many risks and may from time to time be adversely affected (inter alia) by network congestion, equipment failure, software failure, system breakdown, loss of connectivity, power failure, adverse market conditions, partial execution of order and /or technical glitches/failures (including but not limited to connectivity failures). Neither the Broker nor any of its directors or officers, its management, its branch offices, offices of supervisory jurisdiction and their respective registered representatives and employees, would be responsible or liable in any manner for any losses or damages that may be suffered by the client(s) including those due to the misuse of the Account Holder(s) information and affairs by unscrupulous persons. The client(s) shall fully assume all risks connected and involved with Electronic/Online Trading. The client(s) shall represent that they are knowledgeable investor(s) and that they have conducted analysis and consulted with professionals as they deemed necessary in order to fully understand the risk involved in online trading and that they are financially suitable for engaging in such trading activity.