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Online Trading

TRADE SMART believe in continuous improvement and constant technological advancement; the goal is to provide you the maximum available convenience. TRADE SMART is the embodiment of our vision to promote "informed investors" where TRADE SMART provide an exhaustive information portal to assist you in making smart investment decisions at the click of a button.
TRADE SMART facilitates its clients (after prior arrangement) with easy, accessible and real time equity trading option via Internet through Server Based System. All clients have equal right of using our on-line system. Through our on-line trading system one is able to trade at home, office or anywhere in the world.
TRADE SMART online sytem privides :

  • Globally accessible Client Application via Internet.
  • Live Market Quotes.
  • Depth of Market for each Symbol giving MBO (Market by Order), MBP (Market by Price).
  • Live Intraday & History charts and Price History for each Symbol.
  • Online reports regarding outstanding orders, executed trades, live Margin and Portfolio valuation etc.
  • Confidentiality on all customer transactions.

Risk factor

There is inherent risk in trading in securities. All the time innumerable factors continue affecting the market. The investor needs to be aware of this fact. How ever some times “system outages and failures” at client end, our end or KSE end may also disturb and generate error affecting trade(s). The client needs to be clear in his mind that we do not take any responsibility for any loss suffered by the client in such a “force majure” situation. The client how ever is advised to report such a situation to HIMHA in writing, with in 24 hours. The client is also advised immediately, to get in contact with our staff so that the situation may be handled manually with out any loss of time. You are aware that we are equipped with KATS at our head office. In such an emergency among other things, request for cancellation of pending orders should be client’s first priority.